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create digital solutions for business. and believe that the best ones are simple, effective and a little unusual

We help to attract customers from the Web and improve the company awareness. To do this we create websites and mobile apps with fabulous design and a well-laid-out structure.
Web and mobile development
Remote dedicated team
Digital consulting
Digital marketing
About us
Compot Dev - since 2015. IT company providing a full range of IT services. Our team of professional developers, designers, marketers and analysts has created more than 500 products of different complexity.
We develop mobile applications, create prototypes and websites of any complexity, do CRM and LMS management systems. We can also create IT products in our start-up lab, starting from an idea and up to the mass-market launch.
Our web studio develops and promotes websites, researches the market, draws the design and creates websites with up to 40% conversion rate.
You have the idea and the task - we provide the optimal solution and the result!
Our statistics/performance speaks for us:
10 years of work experience
10 years
500+ completed
doing business in 10 countries
10 countries
5 years is an average work experience of our specialists
5 years
25 employees
on staff
25 employees
Our services
Brief description:
Websites and web applications development for tackling business tasks of any complexity.

You get:
  • Ranging of key goals, tasks, requirements
  • Specification
  • Graphical page layouts
  • Developed website interface (frontend) and the administration system
  • Site content
  • Manual and automatic testing, security check, load testing
  • Hosting
  • Warranty service
App Dev
Brief description:
Application development with the entire range of peripheral tasks taken into account.

You get:
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Specification
  • UX/UI focus group
  • MVP apps
  • QA testing
  • App development and release
  • Promotion
  • P&L business models
  • Brandbook and marketing strategy
Brief description:
MVP development for fast market entry and hypotheses testing.

You get:
  • Recommendation and product guide
  • Marketing and advertising concept
  • Market-ready product
Brief description:
Dedicated team for products and digital technologies development.

You get:
  • Dedicated team of experts for your project
  • Transparent communication and high results
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ready-to-use product
Brief description:
We create easy-to-understand and transparent code, keeping the project architecture.

You get:
  • Tested and fixed code
  • Updating and optimization in the code
  • Complete code documentation
Brief description:
We will help to automate a process of preparing infrastructure for development, testing and operation of the product.

You get:
  • Project execution and fast scaling
  • Higher speed of development, better final product quality
  • High team performance
  • Level-up data security
  • Improved systems management and DevOps consulting
Brief description:
We develop interfaces that bring profit.

You get:
  • Usability and A/B testing results
  • Product with UX/UI in accordance with standards
  • Product documentation upon UX/UI and UI Kits
  • Higher KPI as a result of sales and user satisfaction
Brief description:
Formation of a selling visual brand concept and creation of unique website designs.

You get:
  • Research of competitors' design solutions
  • Formation of design with consideration to its ease perception
  • Development of a unique corporate identity
  • Originals, links to the project
Brief description:
We conduct research and develop strategies, creating accurate and functional solutions for business.

You get:
  • Research
  • Positioning and brand platform
  • Brand name development
  • Corporate identity
  • Brandbook
Brief description:
We build up a strategic action plan for your company digitalization, highlighting all needed checkpoints and key metrics for performance evaluation.

You get:
  • Analysis of the current company position
  • Interaction scenarios
  • Segmentation and consumer profiling
Brief description:
We will develop a mix of more than 40 sources of traffic attraction with an analysis of the qualitative characteristics for each and select the most effective.

You get:
  • Increased website traffic
  • The number of requests
  • Reduced cost per one visitor
  • Reduced cost for a request from website
Brief description:
We will help you to find the best and most effective way to tackle your tasks in social networks. Choice of websites and platforms, what and how much to publish, how to position and promote yourself. All these are based on auditing and info about the TA.

You get:
  • Community creation and design
  • Content generation
  • Photoshoots organization
  • Page and community development
  • Applications and sales attraction
  • Audience outreach campaigns conduction
  • Strategies writing
Brief description:
Preparing and setting up a website for SEO promotion. If needed, we can change the structure of the source.

You get:
  • Internal optimization
  • Mirror sites and technical parameters setting
  • Semantic core creation
  • Filling the current web source with collected keywords manually
Brief description:
Long-term development with getting the website to the TOP-list of the search. For the long run one client’s cost is dozens of times cheaper in comparison with attraction through advertising. People find your site on their own in one of the first search engine lines according to specific target queries.

You get:
  • Auditing of competitors
  • Manual semantic core creation
  • Writing meta tags based on keywords
  • Copywriting
  • Stuffing pages with unique content for each query group
  • Support
Our advantages
Expertise and proven methodology which business could understand
Experience in implementation and maintenance software solutions
In-depth market research to prepare most suitable solutions for a client
Proprietary platform solutions,,
Our solutions are sensible to business expectations of our customers, taking into account specific features of the field and project context
Our technologies
• HTML5 • CSS3 • JavaScript • TypeScript • React Native • Angular • React /Redux • Swift • Kotlin
Frontend development:
Backend development
• php • laravel • Yii • Objective-C • Java • C# • GO
• Tilda • Wordpress • 1С Bitrix
Design and wireframing/prototyping:
• Figma • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator
• Google Adds • Google Analytics • Facebook Adds Manager • Facebook Events Manager
We are trusted by
190 Kenh Tan Hoa, Phuong Phu Trung. Quan Tan Phu, Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh
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